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Authentic Decision-Making by Listening To Your Intuition


“Listening to your intuition is a choice. Intuition can be shut off, dissallowed. But at what cost? You’ll won’t know unless you’re on the other side of it what you would have missed” – Jessica Louise

How To Develop Your intuition

Blog Disclaimer: This is a reflection of my own personal experience and isn’t meant to invalidate yours.

Navigating Intuition vs Anxiety: How To Determine Which Is It

Intuition can take practice to get used to, and so it can be confusing to distinguish between emotions like doubt or anxiety and intuition. You might be thinking: Am I hearing my intuition or is it something else? Am I just overthinking this? Is this guidence?

In this post, we’re going to uncover these questions common about intuition. Let’s go!

What Does Intuition Feel Like?

Intuition can be all kinds of feelings or insights, such as:

  • A calm knowing to be in a particular area on a highway.
  • A uncanny connection with a friend.
  • A deep feeling that we’re meant to be together.
  • A flash of a past life that gives understanding to a particular pattern.
  • Thinking a question in the mind and clairaudiently hearing an answer that you wouldn’t have thought of.
  • A hunch to leave a place asap.
  • Hearing song lyrics that resonate deeply with a current situation.
  • Sitting in meditation and clairvoyently seeing something meaningful to you.
  • Knowing a passed loved one is around and supporting you.
  • A connection with the greater part of you.
  • A sense of calmness, peace and love within your self.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Intuition and Anxiety?

I’ve found that intuition always has a sense of calmness, peace and love about the message you receive.

Anxiety is very much a “what if” thought or feeling that invokes panic and raises the heart rate.

Even if dangerous situations, my intuition is calm. And I’ve found that the pace matches the insight. So if I’m in a fast paced situation and I need to react quickly, I will just feel ‘be here’ or claircognitivly know ’slow down now’ rather than clairaudiently hearing a whole sentence on why I need to slow down — it’s much more efficient.

If you feel something, simply ask does this come from love or fear? That is a beautiful question to ask that will determine if it’s anxiety or intuition.

How Do You Know if It’s Your Intuition or Overthinking?

This one is a paradox, because if you are overthinking something you will most likely not be able to access your intuition on this topic. Yes it’s very frustrating!

There’s too much thought built up and ‘resistance’ around it to be able to hear what our intuition has to say about it.

In this instance, its best to give it some space, cool it. Try and relax and not pressure yourself to ‘come up with’ a solution. Give it a few days.

And then in time, sit quietly, detach, meditate (or journal with your higher self) and ask your intuition what you can learn from this, and how best you could go forward.

Or when you’re in a space of allowing, you might be drawn to a particular practioner to access what your higher self and intuition have to say on your behalf. I’ve had tarot readings that we’re so informative and resonated deeply when I was deep in overthinking that I couldn’t access guidence on the topic myself.

intuition meaning

What Happens When You Ignore Your Intuition?

You have the choice in which to follow your gut feeling, the hunch, your insights or not. If we ignore our intuition in the moment, we may miss out on opportunities, make poor choices, or we may have been able to dodge a dangerous situation.

Intuition can provide us with insight and guidance, helping us make the right choices for ourselves and our lives. But by failing to listen to our intuition, we limit our ability to make the most beneficial decisions for ourselves and our lives.

For a long time I dismissed my intuition. Until it got louder and louder. And my life wasn’t really working out. Some things we’re, but I had a few areas in my life that I couldn’t make any progress on, no matter what I tried. And this was really dihearening. From 20, I started having phychic experiences, but during this time, they intensified. Speaking to a wise friend about it and I confided in her that an area in my life wasn’t working. Her words struck me because they were so real. The message was ~ you’re disconnected from your intution. How are you going to know what to do when a part of you is shut off, it’s like you’re missing a limb! She also said, I needed to start listening, because it was going to get louder and louder.

She was absolutely right. Looking back now that was a cross roads moment. I remember having 2 days to think about if I wanted to welcome my intuition into my life. And I wanted to think about it. I wanted it to be my choice.

But intuition isn’t just when you want it. For me, I didn’t know if that’s who I wanted to be. I thought it would be all-consuming. That it would be my indentity. That I would have to filter myself around friends and family. That everyone would think I was crazy. That was a huge fear, second to actually going crazy.

So I took the time to think about what it would mean to allow intuition into my life. The experiences we’re trying to get through anyway, there was information there, guidence, intellegance; trying to get my attention anyway. What would happen if I just embraced it?

  • I was aprehensive it would lead somewhere I didn’t want to go.
  • I was nervous about having an insight and then needing to explain to my partner why I had chosen something
  • I was aprehensive my partner wouldn’t accept or approve of this spiritual part of me.
  • I was shit scared of being called out as different, shamed and hurt.

But I couldn’t really go on the way I was going either. I was stifled and there was a part of me that was repressed. My decision was I would allow my intuition in and welcome it as part of me.

Listening to your intuition is a choice. Intuition can be shut off, dissallowed. But at what cost? You’ll won’t know unless you’re on the other side of it what you would have missed

Looking back now, there was so many layers to come of from who that verion of me was. I’m brighter, humbled, thoughtful, self-aware and I can see things from many angles. It’s also helpful to have insight to the potentialities of decisions.

If we ignore our intuition altogether, as in constantly shut it down but yet it’s trying to get through — if you’re a light worker, it will most likely get louder and louder. That’s because the greater part of you is trying to get your attention! To remember what was important to know before you came.

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