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Vibrational Harmony: The Soul Spark Manifesting Visualization


“When you ask, source becomes vibrationally equivalent with what you’ve asked for, it’s done. You’ve asked for it and it is done. Now you might call that a dream state because it has not yet manifested, we call it a reality that you’re not yet that adapt to tuning into but it is an absolute reality.” – Abraham Hicks

law of attraction visualization

Visualization is a process of creating mental images of what we desire in our lives. By doing this, you are sending signals to your subconscious mind that you are already living in that reality. And by activating the corresponding emotions of having already receive your desire, you are attracting those desires back to you.

Visualization: The Secret Weapon to Manifesting a Life you Love

In order to receive our desires, we need to be a vibrational match by feeling the feelings of having already received our desire.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard this before, and it’s one of the most … let’s say frustratingly ironic aspects of intentionally applying the law of attraction. Because we’re all thinking ‘We’ll if I had my desire, I would feel like I have it wouldn’t I!’

If you think “I want the house, I want the house, I want the house, — but I don’t have the house!” – You’ll keep getting ‘I want it and I don’t have it’ because that’s the feeling.

Regardless of how we feel about the laws of the universe, it’s not very productive to debate it or get frustrated by it. In fact, it feels pretty powerless to do so. It’s much more effective to find a way instead to just BE that vibrational match. After all, we want what we want because we believe we’ll feel better having it. And we can feel those feelings now, regardless!

This avoids us going down the spiral of doubt and frustration – hooking into the absence of the desire. If you’re not on that high spectrum of positive – hopefulness – optimism, you might sink down to doubt and frustration (which feels terrible, and keeps the desire just out of reach and perpetuates the feeling.)

It takes the strength of love to cast aside doubt and fear, and replace those with faith and dare to feel first!

Vibrational Harmony Manifesting Visualization

“The most powerful thing you can do — the thing that will give you much greater leverage than any action—is to spend time every day visualizing your life as you want it to be.” – Abraham Hicks

It’s natural for the mind to start plotting a plan from where you stand, but try your best to disregard that impulse! Go straight to the end result: visualize, dream it, and explore that feeling of yourself already in your desire.

This is the visualization ritual I felt inspired to craft to deliberately and most effectively place ourselves in a vibrational place of receiving all that we’re asking for. Practice the Vibrational Harmony Visualisation daily during this week, for as long as it feels good for you!

When visualizing, it’s important to put yourself in the moment and imagine that what you’re visualizing is really happening right now. This helps to create a strong emotional connection and brings your desired outcome one step closer. Visualize yourself feeling joy and satisfaction as if you already have what you desire. See yourself living the life you want. Doing the things you want. Achieving the goals you want.

And if you’re interested in diving in deeper, here’s how it works:

First, connecting with your heart decreases stress and anxiety and signals that your body is safe. When your heart beats in synchrony with the energy of appreciation, it harmonizes the heart and mind into a cohesive rhythm.

Visualizing yourself in your desire is a powerful way to create a feeling of what you want. As you focus, you activate the frequency of what that desire or object represents to you and you feel that corresponding emotion. When you activate a feeling, you can literally feel the energetic momentum. The exciting part is that the first manifestation you’ll receive is the feeling.

Feeling those emotions of your ideal outcome, to the best of your ability, helps you to ease any discomfort of how it all might be received – separating your thoughts from the past, and away from others experiences, towards your new reality. All infinite possibilities exist in the quantum field. When we allow ourselves to be immersed into this visualization, we’re collapsing those possibilities of a wave, into a particle – using the power of our intention plus heartfelt emotion to create our new reality!

Manifesting Visualization

manifesting visualization

The vibrational harmony manifesting visualization is part of the soul spark journal

1. Connect to your heart

Shift your focus to the area of your heart, and slowly inhale and exhale. After a few breaths, feel the feeling of appreciation for anything or anyone, to the best of your ability.

After a few breaths, feel to the best of your ability, the feeling of appreciation for anything or anyone.

2. Think of your clear specific desire

Focus on this for a few seconds … 17 seconds

3. Visualize

See, hear, taste, touch and feel with your imagination yourself in the desire.

4. Feel

Feel the feeling of an ideal outcome (even if you have no idea how it came about)

5. Loose Yourself In It

Feel it to the best of your ability, to the maximum effect!
Feel it all now regardless. Feel so appreciative for it being received by you.
Enjoying the feeling, then off to enjoy your day and follow what feels fun!

Visualization and the Subcounsious Mind

Visualization works because it engages the power of your imagination. By picturing the desired outcome, you create a mental image that your mind takes in and believes to be true. As you visualize your goals and dreams, the subconscious starts to believe that these things are already happening in your life. It can be used to help you create better relationships, become more successful, and achieve financial freedom.

Visualizing helps your subconscious mind believe that what you’re visualizing is already happening. It creates a strong, positive energy that helps you to focus on what you want to manifest and create in your life.

Law of Attraction Visualization FAQs

How often would you recommend practicing visualization?
Once every day during week two and three, for as long as it feels good – whether that’s a minute or five minutes.

I’m getting pulled out of the moment by reading, do you have an audio of the visualization I can listen to?
Yes! The audio format of the vibrational harmony visualization is available to download from

What if my visualization doesn’t feel good, but feels negative?
If it feels negative, you’re activating the absence of the desire. This could simply be in the visualization, you’re thinking you really want this, but you don’t know how to make it yours. Maybe you’re feeling the fear of never having this, jealousy for others who have it or doubt it could ever be yours. These feelings are all very common, and simply mean the visualization is activating the absence of the desire – It’s just a signal you’re pointed in the wrong direction!

As you focus, you activate the frequency of what that desire or object represents to you and you feel a corresponding emotion. Then as you keep focusing and feeling, the law of attraction will bring to you thoughts and memories that match that same frequency.

So if an aspect of your visualization feels negative, ditch focusing on that aspect! Pivot and select a different aspect.

Does it feel positive? Awesome! What is that specific emotion? What are aspects of this desire that feel good to focus on? Keep it simple and feel it to the best of your ability!

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you manifest your dreams and goals. It works by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind, which has the ability to create and bring into reality anything that you can imagine. This is the manifesting visualization I felt inspired to craft to deliberately and most effectively place ourselves in a vibrational place of receiving all that we’re asking for. I hope you enjoy it!


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