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The Inspiration behind the Soul Spark Manifesting Journal


I’ve always been fascinated by learning about the mysteries of life; esoteric knowledge, quantum physics, magic, akashic records, past lives. I felt ‘a knowing’ that there was more to how life worked than what was on the surface. Even growing up, I couldn’t accept that things were just random; there seemed to be more beauty and elegance than that.

When I was sixteen I was introduced to the law of attraction and I just thought it was amazing. It seemed to resonate deeply even then. My mum had brought the audio version of The Secret and I would listen to tracks on my iPod on the walk to the school bus stop. The message that the speakers expressed about being ‘the creator of your life experience’ filled me with wonder. No matter whatever was happening in my life, when I listened to those messages, I felt free. I found solace in an alternate way to approach life; an empowering and elegant point of view that I could choose to see the world in. I would go about my life, secretly leading with this unconventional way of approaching my thoughts, and no one would have to know.

Exploring and learning about the Law of Attraction has been one of my greatest passions. Years later when I came across other’s who knew about it too, oh my gosh, it was the most exciting thing to speak about! I’ve come to appreciate that my unique mix of thoughts and feelings matched the manifestations (wanted and unwanted) that I have received. And I’ve learned through my many experiences, how the vibration of what I putting out was what came back.

However, intentionally manifesting what I’ve wanted over the years has been hit and miss for me personally. I’ve found in my own manifesting experiences that I decide what I want and then there’s the waiting. And the waiting…

“What should I be doing today to help manifest this desire?”
“Is it enough?”
“Am I on-track?”
Feeling hopeful and excited, and then the doubt creeps in.
Then recognising it hasn’t arrived yet… I’m sure I’m not the only person that has felt this way!

Then, I had this revelation from a posed question; “Why would you not do everything in your power to do the processes and intentionally use the Law of Attraction?”

I asked myself; “Why would I not? What actually was the reason?”
It was a perfectly posed question and honestly, I didn’t have an answer.
…Until a few days later when it hit me and I had a breakthrough;

I thought I was practising the Law of Attraction by learning about it. I love learning about the Law of Attraction, in fact, it’s a hobby and a passion. But I thought learning meant I was mastering it. But I wasn’t practising it!

I realised that I’d gone down the rabbit hole so far that I forgot the most important factor in creating our own reality — and that is to emit the feeling of already having received what we’re asking for. Many insightful publications have been written on how to create your own reality. But I thought to myself; “Just because I know about the Law of Attraction, doesn’t mean it will benefit me, at all.”

This revelation was vital in helping me identify that more understanding of LOA was not the answer. I needed to feel as though I already had what I was asking for. It doesn’t matter if you understand how it works or not. And there’s more than enough information already out there. I wondered… How do we integrate LOA into our lives? How do we allow our desires? How can we keep being excited while we ‘wait’? Some ways of intentially allowing are desires could be:

  • Setting intentions with the new moon
  • Having faith that the universe is already delivering it
  • Having a running list of desires
  • Trying to be as happy as possible to allow what we want to come in

But of course, having this kind of revelation, came an intention that was sparked; I wanted to craft a process that I could use practically to manifest my desires as simply and effectively as possible.

Manifesting Journal

No one-word captures the presence that connects us all. As I set this intention to craft a process to manifest my desires as simply and effectively as possible, I was lead on a path.

Ideas formed. Inspiration here, a quote there, an insight there. Aha moments occurred. Principles and ideas started to cohesively fit together. And it grew, it evolved.

It transformed into a guided ongoing manifesting process to:

  • To uncover deep desires
  • To deliberately think about things that you want to experience
  • To find a way to be a vibrational match to your desire so you can receive it
  • To find a way to ease your discomfort and eventually transform it into a feeling of hope, and then positive expectation
  • To place yourself in a vibrational place of receiving all that you are asking for
  • To experience the exhilaration of joyously, consciously, creating your own reality.
  • To separate your thoughts from the past and what has been to your new reality
  • To separate your thoughts away from others experiences and to your new reality
  • To find ways of holding yourself consistently in vibrational harmony with those desires in order to receive their manifestation
  • To allowing yourself to feel what you want to feel and be happy now regardless

My intention for the manifesting journal and guided process is to encourage you to connect with your heart and design your desires beyond what you could ever have imagined possible! Defining the aspects that are important to you, that align with your values and your soul, and magically watching them come to be 💫

While I was there for the writing of these pages, I cannot take credit for them all. They are a combination: one girl’s journey (that’d be mine) lessons learned from teachers and friends, and channelled messages from the universe. My vision for Soul Spark has always been more than just the pages of the journal, and I’m so excited to see how we can uplift one another, in spark circles and in this community as we grow together.

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